Przegląd Religioznawczy / The Religious Studies Review – 4 (266) 2017

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 1. Janusz Mariański – Secularization and desecularization in the postsecularity society

 2. Marcin Lisak – Beyond the (post-)secular discourse on religion in the global age

 3. Anna Królikowska – Postsecularism and Postsecularity and Their Different Forms and Meanings in Europe

 4. Maciej Krzywosz – The concepts of the presence of religion in the public sphere of post-secular society. Between José Casanova’s sociology of religion and the social philosophy of Richard Rorty

 5. Miłosz Puczydłowski – Karl Barth As a Postsecular Source

 6. Aneta Gawkowska – Post-secular Sex-Gender Reconciliation according to New Feminism

 7. Michalina Kieca – Postsecular perspectives relations to Christian religion in modern Europe

 8. Marcin Jewdokimow – Exercising Visual Essay for Post-secular Approach in Studies on Religion

 9. Ryszard Wójtowicz – Pope Francis on culture. Selected aspects              

 10. Andrzej Kobyliński – Is Pentecostalization the New Reformation? The Causes and Consequences of the Contemporary Pentecostalization of Christianity

 11. Przemysław Strzyżyński – John Hick Hypothesis of Religious Pluralism – postulates, criticism and modification

 12. Katarzyna Pawlak-Sobczak – The relationship between the Catholic Church and The Polish State in reality of post-secularisation 

 13. Dawid Rogacz – Religious Pluralism in the Philosophy of Mysticism

 14. Krzysztof Pilarz – Contemporary questions about faith and culture. The pedagogical context

 15. Ewa Stachowska – Post-secularism and media. Chosen aspects

 16. Leszek Karczewski – The American new spirituality of Carlos Castaneda`s Tensegrity – its commercialisation and mediatisation

 17. Andrzej Korczak – The pros and cons of Eastern inspirations as exemplified in the theory of myth by Mircea Eliade and Joseph Campbell 



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